Renewable Energy Marketing Group
Renewable Energy Marketing Group
Online Digital Marketing for The Renewable Energy Industry

About R.E.M.

Renewable Energy Marketing group (R.E.M. Group)is a boutique style online marketing agency based in the Midwest with offices on the West Coast.  We provide preset solar leads/opportunities, one-of-a-kind search box optimization tool, social media marketing, event marketing management, and Google Business Profile setup and management. These tools engage with your audience, generate leads, increase online and brand awareness, prequalify potential customers, and improve your business’s return on investment. The R.E.M. Group has represented small, startup, and medium sized solar companies and understand the different strategies that go with these sized companies versus the large companies.

The most powerful marketing tool for solar companies is social media. Social media educates your audience with lead nurturing content by showcasing your previous projects, testimonials, and your businesses services.

Some business owners try to cut corners and manage their social media on their own. Unfortunately, this leads to frustration and often results in abandoned social media accounts, missing out on potential sales and subpar representation of your solar brand.

We strategize to create successful and powerful content, event creation and promotion, customer interaction, and monthly performance reports for your business to enhance awareness in your target markets.

Our suite of services includes:

 Quality Solar Leads/Opportunities

 Search Box Optimization

 Social Media Marketing

 Event Creation, Management, Promotion

♻ Google Business Profile setup and          management

 Prequalify potential solar clients for         your solar sales team

 Review Management (Obtaining and Responding)

Meet the Team

Combining extensive experience in company building, sales, social media, marketing, finance and operations, the R.E.M. Group brings together a cohesive team with in-depth experience in all aspects of business affording you a dedicated partner which understands the solar industry and how to build a business.

Lauren Mages - CEO

Ms. Mages is an experienced sales and marketing expert building brand awareness, increasing and breaking sales records, creating and managing successful events, and creating content for clients. Mages has worked with many different business markets nationally and internationally in Business-to-Business Sales. For the past 5 years she has consulted for various solar companies enhancing their social media presence, generating leads, and working with her clients to prequalify potential solar customers. She is adept at creating, building, and maintaining business relationships through cold calling/emailing, traveling/networking, and strategic marketing. She holds a BBA in Marketing from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, completed an International Business program from Griffiths University in Queensland, Australia.

Tisha Templeton - COO

Ms. Templeton specializes in developing of corporate systems, including administrative, accounting, and finance systems as well as the structure and execution of operational procedures, administration of human resource and benefit programs, and infrastructure building. She has over twenty-five years of experience running operational teams and assisting entrepreneurs in their start up activities. Tisha’s background includes designing and implementing the accounting systems, software platforms, policies and procedures, and infrastructure tools for multinational corporations and many startup companies. She has been writing business and marketing plans for twenty-five years. She consistently analyzes operations and implements new efficiency strategies for clients. Tisha is also a lifestyle coach and loves to help people reach their ultimate business, health and life goals. 

Key Benefits for Our Customer

Renewable Energy Experience

Rather than provide social media marketing services to multiple industries, R.E.M. Group focuses on the renewable energy industry.  Our team includes advisors with many years of experience in multiple aspects of the renewable energy industry, including direct to consumer solar sales and corporate financing.  Our intensive research and constant monitoring of the industry benefits your social media plan.

Business Experience

Anyone can learn to provide social media services but business experience must be earned.  The R.E.M. Group team includes individuals with over 20 years experience building small businesses, managing corporate operations and finance, and sales and marketing.  This unique combination provides your company with the experience necessary to understand your needs and combine it with the wants of your target audience.

Unlock Potential

Our combination of Solar and Business Experience provides you with a stellar team to grow your social media online presence.  We aim to unlock your digital footprint by engaging your target audience with the use of  informational, inspirational, your business offers and company specific posts. A balanced approach to your social media strategy keeps your company in front of potential customers when they need you.