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Renewable Energy Marketing Group
Renewable Energy Marketing Group
Online Digital Marketing for The Renewable Energy Industry
  •             Becoming One Team

                                    Renewable Energy Marketing Group supports our clients by providing quality digital marketing,                               preset leads, one-of-a-kind tools, and unbeatable customer service and pricing packages.

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Renewable Energy Marketing group (R.E.M. Group) is a boutique online marketing agency based in Chicago, Illinois.  We provide one-of-a-kind online marketing tools that will engage with your audience, bypass competition on search engines and own entire search result pages owning keyword phrases, provide preset leads/opportunities, manage your event marketing, and improve your business’s return on investment. The R.E.M. Group has represented small, startup, and medium sized solar companies.

We strategize to create successful and powerful content, event creation and promotion, customer interaction, and monthly performance reports for your business to enhance awareness in your target markets. 

Our suite of services includes:

 Search Box Optimization (one-of-a-kind algorithm tool embedded into search engines)
 Social Media Marketing
♻ Event Creation, Management, Promotion
 Google Business Profile setup and management
 Prequalify potential solar clients for your solar sales team
The most powerful marketing tool for renewable energy companies is social media. 4.62 million people (93% of people who have internet) are using the platforms. Social media educates your audience with lead nurturing content by showcasing your previous projects, testimonials, and your businesses services. How is a potential prospect supposed to purchase your product if they do not know they need it?

An Integrated Approach

"Understanding that it takes an integrated approach to marketing your company puts you in the top echelon of businesses. "

R.E.M.'S Online Marketing Services

Preset Solar Leads

These are preset opportunities to sell. We sell them in campaigns of 10, 20, or 30. If for some reason the opportunity doesn't present itself as an opportunity to sell, or it doesn't pass credit, then it will be replaced. As to ensure out quality service and customer service.

Event Planning

Whether it is an educational webinar, hosting a booth at a conference, or a happy hour event R.E.M. Group will assist in the creation, marketing, and promotion on the social media platforms you choose to have us service.

Social Media Marketing

Whether it is to attract partners/investors, promote your business, educate the importance of your product, and/or increase brand awareness (increase sales) social media marketing should be on top of your marketing priority list.

Google Business Profile
​Setup & Management

R.E.M. Group will optimize your Google Business Profile and provide ongoing maintenance.  This will include supporting the Q & A section, responding to reviews, uploading photos and weekly posting.

Search Box Optimization

When someone searches a specific keyword phrase this tool will auto suggest your business. Additionally, your business will take over the organic searches on the Google or Bing results page filtering out your competitors!

Review Management

Making sure to obtain your previous customers experience helps gain more business in the future. Our team will be sure to do a monthly reach out to past customers to get reviews and be sure to respond to all reviews given.

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Building a Brighter Tomorrow—Today
​The Importance of Online Marketing for Your Solar Business

Collect Data 

A wealth of information is shared on social media, cutting out the noise, you gain valuable insights on your potential customers and their needs, how to market to them and what aspects of your business most build leads and direct ROI.

Spotlight Your Solar Services

Each company is unique in its overall approach and service offerings.  Social media allows you to highlight your services and business.  This provides potential leads with valuable intelligence so they can make informed decisions, and appreciate your openness.

Build Credibility

Everyone wants to do business with someone open and honest about what they are providing and whether there is a mutual fit.  Regular engagement with your audience provides a level of comfort between your potential customers and how they perceive you.

Connect with Customers and Prospects

By staying in touch with past customers, you avail yourself of free marketing by way of referrals and the potential to service additional homes.  Connecting with new renewable energy prospects keeps you in the forefront of their mind when a service need arises.  Social engagement also keeps  you rooted in the community.


R.E.M. Group strategizes to create the best content for your social media. We will manage all aspects of your social media strategy and agree on how and when you want to participate.


We create content aligned around your business that either informs, engages or inspires your followers. A blend of content and your media portfolio will allow your brand to reach anyone in your target market and leave them fully understanding what your business has to offer. 


Whether it is an educational webinar, hosting a booth at a conference, or a happy hour event, R.E.M. Group will assist in the creation, marketing, and promotion on the social media platforms you choose to have us service.


R.E.M. Group will work with you to communicate and provide insight on how your profiles are performing. . The team will be monitoring your leads brought in from social media and collaborate on any edits/adjustments/suggestions.

What we do

We specialize in providing the best and most unique online marketing services. Everything we do is aimed at creating the best results for you.